Feast Your Heart Out!

Voted Coolest Roving Restaurant

Serving Lancaster, York and Surrounding Areas

We believe that sharing food is social and fun but should be tasty and good for your body. We choose to make our restaurant one that will be remembered. Look for our awning and flags and music playing.

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We Cater Events

Serving Lancaster, York and surrounding areas.

Fine Foods

Our menu items are made fresh!

The Roving Restaurant

Look for our awning, flags and music playing!

Fresh To Order

Unique food with great service!

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Bountiful Feast Food Menu

Breakfast Burrito – 4.25
onions & peppers & cheese

egg/cheese/bacon/onions, peppers, cheese

Fried Egg Sandwich – 4.25
cheese & egg



Wraps & Sandwiches

Angus Cheese Burger– 5.50
w/lettuce, tomato & onion

Chicken /Pineapple Kabobs– 6.00
grilled chicken breast & pineapple

Chicken Tortilla Wrap*– 5.25
grilled chicken breast, onions & peppers

Chicken Olivia (Hawaiian Chicken) Wrap*– 5.25
grilled chicken breast, pineapple & bacon

Chicken Smokey Wrap*– 5.25
grilled chicken breast, bbq sauce, fried onions & bacon

Patty Melt beef or chicken on Focaccia bread– 5.50

Chicken Pesto:– 5.50
grilled chicken, lettuce & tomato with pesto sauce on focaccia bread

Rice Boat: Cajun, Teriyaki, Smokey, or Vegetarian– 6.00
grilled chicken

Guacamole-Red Pepper Burger
Fresh locally made guacamole with roasted red peppers on an angus cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato

Peanut Crunch Burger
Crunchy peanut butter, bacon, cheddar cheese, fresh made potato chips on an angus burger

Costa Rica Chicken Sandwich
Costa Rica salsa imported from Costa Rica, pineapple, lettuce & tomato

Fresh made artisan popsicles. Made with fresh fruit and vegetables--no preservatives.



Flavors include but not limited to:
Banana Carmel, Dew the Strawberry, Spiced honeydew or cantaloupe, Strawberry, Plum, Plum with Elderberry syrup, Mango, Lemon Tart, Banana, Frozen Olivia-pineapple, bacon, soy sauce, Strawberry-Kiwi-Lemon, Cucumber & Fennel, Cucumber & Elderberry syrup


Fresh Cut French Fries - 3.00

Saffron Jasmine Rice – 1.75

Vegetable of the Day – 1.75

Check our daily special board for menu options, not all options available at all times.

Drinks– 1.00

Water– 1.00
*Wraps can be made as sandwiches

***prices subject to change without notice***


"Best fries that I have ever had at an auction." --anonymous purchaser.


Bountiful Feast provides fresh, tasty food at value prices.  We are passionate about food as a social gathering as an "abundant blessing liberally given to the masses."

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